Timber Hollow Stable is a small "Miniature Shetland" farm in beautiful southern Ohio. I am located about 60 miles southeast of Cincinnati Ohio in Adams County. I have spent most of my life with horses and would not be happy without being
around them, I know I have tried.

Growing up in the showrings on Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky I have had many wonderful adventures, and experiences. Those adventured and experiences have been lessons well learned, and lessons that I live by today.

I was raised on the concept of work hard, do what is right, and always help those in need. In the showring the lesson was do your best, honesty, integrity, and remember your horse is your first and last responsibility of the day!

Timber Hollow Stable uses those living lessons today in the showring, breeding, and in the day to day operations.

Timber Hollow Stable's commitment to the breed and the showring keeps us busy throughout the year. Not only do we show
in the AMHR and ASPC shows, we have a multitude of open shows, and demonstrations that are attended to spread the
information about the wonderful AMERICAN SHETLAND PONY! Anytime I can inform individuals about
these great horses is time well spent.

Timber Hollow's breeding program consist of "showring champions". The mares and stallions of Timber Hollow were
hand picked for their conformation, bloodlines, and dispositions. The mares and stallions of Timber Hollow
have been proven in the showring while being shown, trained, conditioned, and promoted by Amateurs.

The bloodlines of the breeding program consist of D & S Bacardi Rum, Kid Lee, Kewpie's Classic Mucho of Arenosa,
Graham's Classic Entertainer, Seth Thomas, Establo Aztec, Graham's Little Tramp, Bristol Juan Rojo, Kewpie's Paposo of Arenosa, BHR Lerwick, and Michigan.

The focus of the breeding program is to produce big moving, smooth bodied, correct double registered
Miniature Shetlands under 38" and on occasion the triple registered under 34" Shetlands , that can compete in today's showring, and go on to produce tomorrows Champions.

The breeding program will remain small so that it is easy to maintain a focus toward producing the best quality possible.
The horses of Timber Hollow are individuals, and are cared for and treated as such. Farrier, nutrition, and all other programs are individualized for each horse. Time is spent daily with each horse, and each horse gets their own stall, and daily turnout with their "buddies". By maintaining a small "elite" herd more time is spent researching the best crosses, determining what is best for the program, and looking toward to the future of the American Shetland Pony under 38".

Now that you have a brief overview of the program and goals of Timber Hollow Stable, I look forward to talking with you soon!

* Timber Hollow Stable * Melissa Downs * 3343 Eckmansville Rd. * Winchester OH * 45697 * (937) 695-0550 TIMBERHOLLOWSTABLES@yahoo.com

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